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LUFTHANSA - September 2012

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Brown Sugar Consultancy Project managed the full transition of Lufthansa's First & Business Class food & beverage product & visual set up in both New York's JFK & Washington's Dulles International Airports. The project was smooth and well executed and took some 4 weeks in all, 7 days quicker than expected to the delight of the customer.

We worked with the incumbent supplier to ensure a smooth transition for both outgoing as well as the new suppliers incoming which happened over night with no effect to the VIP customers from these prestigious stations.

We ensured that the new products from the new suppliers met with the tender requirements and that the offerings to the passengers were at their best to meet with the high culinary standards expected by Lufthansa.

LSG Skychefs - November 2012

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Brown Sugar Consultancy worked in close partnership with LSG Skychefs Germany on a high level cost saving, product/raw material consolidation & lean working method project in South Africa. The stations affected were Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban. The project ran for 3 weeks and we were able to hand over the finalised project with very successful and sound results.

LSG Skychefs – May 2008

Actively involved in the Development of the CPU & logistics networks to maximise efficiencies and reduce priced thru back fill across the UK.

Developed Global Ethnic Carriers network to share expertise, products, materials and to centralise key functions and initiatives.

We designed an innovative special meals concept along with key UK Societies with a secure outsourcing module to offer reliable quality retail products to suit this highly specialised and individual market. Bespoke product and innovative packaging ensures secure delivery to the customer every time.

Built Key Development catalogues to drive streamlining and rationalization through out the development process for the UK.

Span Air, Palma – May 2006

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Developed new service concept to reduce Labour, cost and handling on board with new disposable equipment, packing and local food products.

Alleviated Galley / Belly swaps thru maximising equipment design so reducing costs.

Provided new service to passengers as well as making the required cost savings of €700K + in the first Year.

SNBA, Brussels – July 2006

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Developed a new Business Class International Service utilising existing equipment, 4 month later received an award from Business Traveller for the product as well as achieving the overall cost savings of €1.2M +

Developed the new disposable box concept, CPU and logistics chain for the short and medium haul flights to reduce crew and give product flexibility thru outsourcing - Projected Yearly savings €1M+.

US Airways, Washington – September 2005

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Centralise the US Airways European catering operation to achieve efficiencies and required cost savings by developing centrally from 7 stations to 1 resulting in 24% cost savings in product, connected handling and presentations in the first Year.

Developed and outsourced the new revised 2nd service model for all classes for the complete system.

Designed and implemented their Economy class concept and delivery including equipment, product & service training.

Saudi Arabian Airlines - December 2000

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As a strong culinary development & operational team we successfully built and delivered a brand new service for all 3 classes for Saudi Arabian Airlines.

The "Golden Service" offered the First Class passengers an on demand service for the first time in their history along with flexible menus and galley step by step information sheets for the crew. We also made a movie to be played in the crew areas to show them how to handle and deliver this new service.

We took this road show around the world to show all the caterers in the system how to achieve the final outcome of quality well-presented, individual cuisine for all nationalities.

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